30+ lbs Over

After checking the current weather conditions in 서울, I'm debating on whether or not I should buy a pair of earmuffs. With the way everyone describes the cold, it sounds as if my extremities will fall off the second I step out of the airport over there. We'll see how tough this Beantowner really is. Nothing can stop this chic, not even frozen lungs during the first week of girls' varsity ice hockey practice. Maybe dull blades.

As excited as I may be for my flight, it feels so sudden. I wish that I had more time to spend with my closest before I leave. Only if there was a pause button somewhere.

My mother sent me to an overseas summer school program at a Korean Christian university eight years ago during the country's IMF crisis. The staff wasn't ready for the 200 Korean-American teenagers to be such a handful.

Korea has gone through so many changes and is nothing like what it used to be 30, even 10, years ago. I'll be sure to take notes of everything worth remembering and I won't forget the pictures either.

My sidekick is waiting for me to arrive so we can make it out to the 100+ year old 짜짱면 restaurant that he's been raving about. I tell everyone the reason why I'm going to Korea is for the food.

The next year will be quite a chapter for me. This is the first time I will attempt to make a living outside of the States, outside of what I know. Almost feels like plunging head first into unknown waters but hey, at least I know the temperature.


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