Blatancy and flagrancy

1. While eating lunch at 김밥 천국, I encountered, for the first time, just one of the many different kinds of evil in this world. Two ladies were walking out of the restaurant. One of them placed a lipstick and 김치 stained tissue on my table.

This reminds me of the time when I cut a piece of skin off of my left index finger when I was five years old.

2. Then there was walking down the streets of 신촌, and spotting a dirty (not talking about hygiene) man headed in our direction. I knew I should have pushed J into him.

Shoes are flying next time.

3. Gazing out of the window is something I enjoy when taking a trip, short or long. What did I spy? A pair of high-zoom binoculars looking out of the window of a car repair shop. I look in the opposite direction to see what their view is. A village of houses and apartment complexes.

I simply remember my favorite things...

By the way, my usual hour and a half commute has turned into 40 minutes. But I sure miss the sweet air that floods through the subway doors at the 319 station.

Pictures will come.


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