Bread crumbs

Over the past several months, I have found myself, and lost more than enough. Socializing, sightseeing, and work has made unsuccessful attempts at swerving my focus away from the initial motivation for why I came. The distractions here deserve some credit, though.

Korea is an amazing place in the sense that we can fall back into the waves of millions of other people, native or not. When one becomes just another pair of feet in the constant motion of human traffic, we hope that they may not forget what it means to be more than just another face.

Shortly after my last post, right around when my reason for coming out here guised itself for my acceptance of self-enlightment, I decided to run as far as I could from time. No matter how far or fast I tried to go, the past five years of my life shows evident to the shaping of everything that I am now.

Now I am deciding on when my return shall be.

As much as I tried to avoid this blog becoming a venue for anything of personal value, it seems as if I have succumbed to the heartstrings.


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