The streets where I live...

It's not as crowded as 서울, but be sure that you can find PC방s, 포장마차s, casinos (게임랜드), movie theaters, a Starbucks, and much more.

My favorite spot is located in front of a dumpling shop near the subway station. There's a table that sells clothes starting at the delicious price of 5000원. It reminds me of the bargain basements my friends and I used to rummage through back in high school.

My friend took me to an awesome meat grilling restaurant in the city. There I had pig throat meat for the first time. In its raw form, red in color. Post-grilled form, the most succulent morsels I've ever tasted. The couple who runs the place are the kindest and friendliest I've met so far. Over dinner, we conversed about meat and the affection of Korean people.
Did you know that a quick cure for 'gold dust', or 가루, is to eat 삼겹살? Mm... gotta love the home remedies.

One of the best experiences I have had here was being able to make it to the top, and the bottom in one piece, of the 북한 mountain a couple weeks ago. After feeling like a billy goat for two-thirds of the way, I sprained my ankle. An older gentleman who saw me in my distress gave me something to wrap my injury with. Fresh air, clean water, and goodness all found in one place.

Made it to the top of one peak.


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