The more I meet

Just finished having a small exchange of words with our building's cleaning lady. On Tuesday, it was with my nail stylist. Every other day, it is with all of my students (whether they want to or not, by the will of their parents).

In the year of 1980, there was a massacre at one of the 4 major key universities. The actual death toll is unknown, but the range is said to be between one and two thousand. This was in response to a martial law, plus 300,000 protestors.

Calling myself a citizen of this country would be absolutely amiss, but I do know one thing for sure. No matter where you are, everyone is forced to make a choice.
a) stay where you are, or
b) go somewhere else

What would you do for the chance to have something more?

Inadvertency, although unknowingly well-prepared, has brought me this far.


Blogger Franco said...

Sometimes I come to Seoul for my job. Really it is not easy to live in Korea...but feel sure that other countries are not heaven, too.


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